January 18, 2017


 These are the most frequently asked questions about Tremont School and our community.

Is there one type of Tremont School student?

No. Tremont School offers an innovative, personalized Living Curriculum.  Built around the entrepreneurial practices of Collaborative Problem Solving, Tremont School provides academically talented students with an exceptional opportunity to achieve in a setting designed for the learners of today. Tremont School’s approach is both flexible and motivating, creating dynamic, self-directed learners working with inspiring and supportive teachers and staff.

Is there another school model like Tremont School?

We believe that Tremont School’s model is unique. Drawing on evidence-based educational research, contemporary understandings of neuroscience, and time-tested principles of community-building, the Tremont School learning community is one that supports personalized learning and deep connections with peers and adults alike. We are often asked if we share philosophies with Montessori, Waldorf, and other progressive and alternative school models. While there is some overlap, Tremont School is designed very carefully to be its own integrated, multi-disciplinary model that incorporates academic, social and emotional learning, arts, technology, health, and connection to the outdoors and community. These are all crucial dimensions to success and happiness for any developing young person.

Is Tremont School a structured environment?

Tremont School offers an intentionally designed environment and curriculum that incorporates routines, expectations, and personally rigorous academic goals. These are structured to offer choice to students in areas that are age-appropriate and personally motivating. Our individualized approach allows this to occur during times of day that in traditional settings may be considered separately ‘academic’ or ‘social.’ Thus the contract system during academic time allows for student choice (with teacher consultation) in how and when work is accomplished, as well as choice in what the process and final product may look like. We also offer choice in settings for lunch, breaks, recess, and student activities. Regularly exercising these planning and decision-making ‘muscles’ is excellent preparation for the world beyond Tremont.

Is Tremont School a college preparatory program?

Yes, Tremont School is a college preparatory program. College counselors and higher education experts have been resources for our High School program design. Graduates receive a high school diploma. Tremont School graduates critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and compassionate and dynamic citizens. Some of our students are college-bound while others will pursue technical school, a post-graduate year, or career options.

Tremont School graduates have been accepted at the following institutions:

Bard College
Bennington College
Bentley University
Clark University
Denison University
Earlham College
Franklin Marshall College
George Mason University
Hobart College
Ithaca College
Lesley University
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Middlesex Community College
Montserrat College of Art
Northeastern University
Oberlin College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Sarah Lawrence University
Skidmore College
Stevens Institute of Technology
Tufts University
University of Michigan- Flint
UMass-Amherst (Commonwealth Honors College)
Vassar College
Wheaton College
Williams College
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Current Tremont School graduate matriculations appear in bold

Is Tremont School accredited?

Tremont School is accredited through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Tremont School is also a Making Caring Common school. #CommonGood

How does the Tremont School meet the needs of a diverse population?

We are not a Massachusetts Chapter 766 school, nor do we intend to be in the future. Some students who currently receive services or accommodations in their public school to enable them to participate in the general classroom will find many of those accommodations naturally embedded in our project-based, experiential curriculum and our small classrooms with low student to faculty ratios. Some students may require more support than Tremont School can provide.

Do you offer transportation?

We do not offer transportation at this time. However, our parent’s organization, TPAC, facilitates family connections for carpools and other transportation solutions.

Do students have homework?

Tremont School has a real-world, ‘flipped homework’ approach. All work for the week is included on the weekly contract. There is no separate set of assignments to be done as homework. Students who are on track to complete their contract work during the school day over the course of the week may not have to take work home. The goal of completing the week’s work by Friday is very motivating for some students! Others may take an approach to work completion that includes bringing some work home to finish outside of school. High School students have a heavier work load and thus need to plan what to bring home during the week or over a weekend. As students progress through the High School, these homework demands will increase.

Students who are deeply involved in a project may choose to work on it outside of school. Usually this is driven by their own interest and motivation. However, it is not uncommon for the ‘reality’ of a unit-end or course-end deadline to drive students to bring work home as they wrap up their projects!

What options do you have for student athletes?

Tremont School’s extra-curricular offerings grow as the school grows. To date we have offered sports-related extra-curricular activities based on student interests. These are instructional, fun, and focused on fitness and creating an inclusive environment. A very popular activity right now is orienteering, and during the winter season many students sign up for the Tremont School Ski Club that meets Wednesday afternoons and travels to Wachusett Mountain.  In the past, students enjoyed indoor rock climbing or hiking. However, most Tremont School students who are looking for a more competitive athletic outlet participate in their town sports or club sports at this time. As with all of our developing programs, we are open to suggestions for collaborating with other organizations to create opportunities for our students.