Do You Know a Tremont‐Type Learner?

Filling an as yet unfilled niche

Finding the right educational match for learners is one of the most important things that we can do for them. When NEASC recently accredited Tremont School, they said that it filled an as yet unfilled niche in the private school landscape in the Boston area.

We are a small but deliberately diverse, intentionally inclusive community. Our students have a range of talents and challenges. They pursue expertise in the arts, sciences, mathematics, computer science, design, technology, and so on. All have the opportunity to develop deep and resilient social and emotional skills. Tremont School is not a therapeutic school and is not designed for students who need significant behavioral and emotional support or supervision.

Students who come to Tremont School often are not thriving in their current educational environment. They may not feel known by their teachers and social community. Often, they have faster or slower learning paces than their peers. Teacher talk and other traditional forms of information delivery may be taxing.
They may need to move or to rest more than traditional seating arrangements and schedules allow. They may need time to process social demands. Tremont School has been transformative for many learners. Most of our students come because they are seeking greater agency in their learning, a caring and
thoughtful friend group, and supportive teachers who help them learn in ways that better suit them.

They gain:

  • opportunities to use their interests to learn necessary 21st century skills and to graduate high school well‐positioned to take on the challenges of college;
  • a place where many forms of intelligence are honored;
  • the comradery of students who are accepting of and who embrace social differences;
  • an education that values social and emotional skill development along with cognitive achievement and that recognizes how interwoven the three are;
  • the social contagion of being with others who have deep interests and enjoy sharing those interests with others;
  • support for developing the skills that enable them to follow interests, define learning goals and paths to achieve them, and to share the outcomes with the world.
  • support for working at the edge of their competence –building expertise and learning ability.

Each student is encouraged to become the most successful version of his or herself. For students who have not thrived elsewhere, they will progress academically, be prepared to meet their goals, and find a sense of fit and belonging. They will find their voice and develop inspiring levels of creative confidence. Tremont School graduates are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and compassionate and dynamic citizens. Tremont School is not for every student, but for the right student, there is no better place.

One thought on “Do You Know a Tremont‐Type Learner?”

  • Tremont has made an incredible difference for our son. At his old school he had trouble accessing the curriculum due to his anxiety, but they were unable to recognize this or support him. Tremont helped him to love school again. The teachers are talented and caring. In his three years at Tremont, my son has become a self-aware and self-directed learner who knows how he learns best and can advocate for himself.

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