Supporting Tremont

Dear Tremont Community,

The Tremont School was born from a vision for a new kind of education, and a place for every individual. Just as our students were born to the world amidst expansive dreams for their future, so we as a school work every day to live up to the dreams of our founding. Since we opened in September of 2011, we have tripled in size and grown to embrace so many new families, partners, and an expanded Tremont Community that has launched our school. Now we cannot imagine Tremont without these many supporters. Each member of our community comes with their Tremont Story - how they found us, how they changed our lives, and how we changed their lives. As one parent said in the first year,

"The Tremont School has meant the world to us, because our son is happy. The curriculum addresses all of a child's educational needs from the social to the artistic to the traditional so that it can give a wider picture of the world in a deep and meaningful way. Everyone can use that."

We are looking ahead to continuing for many years the successful school that our supporters have made possible so far. We have consistently received help from our parents, grandparents, board members, and a large of community of donors with no relationship to the school except that they have been inspired by the vision and now the reality of the learning they have witnessed. As we contemplate the future of a Tremont Upper School, and a permanent Tremont campus, your support becomes so much more crucial.

I'm so glad that you found your way to our website but I can tell you that no website could possibly do justice to the warmth, energy, and love of learning at the Tremont School. We feel it is so important to come visit the school to experience this for your self. I look forward to seeing you when you are able to make it.

Thank you again for your interest in our school and the support of the Tremont Community. Come tell us your Tremont Story.

Bill Wilmot
Head of School