About Tremont

The Tremont School is a new independent private school in metrowest Boston, Massachusetts that offers a unique project-based curriculum designed to support the social, emotional, and academic development of an inclusive community of students.

We are currently accepting applications for grades 5 through 10.

Our learning approach is built around three fundamental principles or peaks:

  1. The best kind of learning is fun and engaging, built on a student's intrinsic motivation and interest.
  2. Our students' social and emotional development is as important as their academic achievement.
  3. To really prepare for life in the 21st century children need to learn in an environment that promotes diversity of thought, culture, personality, and learning styles.

Students learn in an environment that supports their making connections between thinking and doing. Our Living Curriculum tailors your child's educational experience to his or her interests, needs, and learning style in a truly comprehensive way. Our hands-on experiential approach, small class sizes, and supportive environment promote a deep understanding of the material, and the wide-ranging integration of the knowledge and skills necessary for life in the 21st century.

The result? An Education With All the Richness of Real Life.

Tremont School Weston Project-based Curriculum Video

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