February 22, 2018

Board of Trustees

From left to right: Christine Dunn-Benson, Patty James, Will Wilcoxson, Tim Lee, Susan Diller, Tori Campbell, Amy Crandall Kaser*, Julie Purrington, Linda Echt, Jeff Poggi, Lauren LaGrega, Behzad Dayanim, Sara Catanese. Not pictured: Julia Lev-Rosenfeld. *Thank you, Amy, for extending your Board term during our transition to a new Treasurer, for your contribution over many years as a parent and Trustee, and for your continued support of Tremont School! (Amy’s Board service ended on 1/2023.)

Collaborative Learning Project, Inc. d/b/a Tremont School

Tremont School is the business name for the Collaborative Learning Project, Inc. (CLP). Tremont School/CLP is governed by a board of dedicated volunteers who believe passionately about Tremont School’s mission and helping all students thrive! CLP was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Massachusetts on April 7, 2008, and was granted IRS 501(c)(3) status on August 7, 2009, under the tax ID 26-2352223.

Contact Us

You may contact the Board of Trustees at any time by emailing the Board Officers at boardoftrustees@tremontschool.org.

Board Officers

Timothy B. Lee, Ed.M.

A Certified Educational Planner, Timothy B. Lee has guided young people to make informed educational decisions for over three decades. Before entering private practice, he was associate director of admissions for two years and placement advisor for five years at two leading New England schools. Mr. Lee graduated from Harvard College and received a master’s degree in adolescent development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. As the director of educational services at Advocates for Human Potential, Tim worked with students to find the best fit for an independent school or college as well as with those seeking alternatives to meet their learning or emotional needs. He is an active member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) the professional association for independent educational consultants. Tim served on the Board for Directors for 9 years. Elected to the executive committee he was Vice President of Ethics and Practices and served as President for 2 years. He is a member of the New England Association of College Admission Counseling, National Association for College Admission Counseling, and American Institute of Certified Educational Planners. Tim currently works as an independent educational consultant in private practice.

Linda Echt, Ed.M.
Co-Vice Chair

Linda Echt is principal owner of: LINDA ECHT CONSULTING, LLC. She consults with independent schools and other non-profit organizations. She was a long time Head at Atrium School and the founder of their middle school program. Prior to that she was the founder of Kesher (an innovative approach to Jewish education) in Cambridge and helped to replicate the program on the east coast, in New York and in Newton. Linda holds a Masters in Education (Administration) from Lesley University and went to Michigan State University and graduated with a triad major in History of Art, Philosophy and Religious Studies.

While Tremont was completing its Head of School search Linda served as Interim Head. She deeply believes in the model of Tremont School and describes it as a needed school in the independent school landscape and is so happy to be supporting the school by serving on the Board of Directors. She comes to us with a great passion for teaching and learning and a wealth of knowledge about independent school governance. She is a huge Tremont cheerleader, looking forward to being a part of the schools’ continued growth. Linda lives in Watertown with her wife Jill and kids, Noah (Tremont PG ’20) and Eva (Atrium School 5th grader).

Julie Purrington, JD
Co-Vice Chair

Julie is the proud parent of two Tremont alumni and has served the Tremont community as the TPAC Chair, TPAC Advisor, and now as Co-Vice Chair and Chair of the Advancement Committee. She has worked tirelessly on Tremont School galas and has been instrumental in helping to create community among parents.  

Julie received her law degree from The Washington College of Law at American University, and her undergraduate degree from Harvard College. When not volunteering for Tremont, she will most likely be found gardening or on the RI beaches. Julie lives in Needham with husband Dave, kids and dog Holly.

Jeff Poggi

Jeff has been part of the Tremont community since 2017 and is the proud father of a 2022 Tremont Graduate. Over his 30-year professional career, he has held numerous leadership roles at McIntosh Group, Harman International, and Bose Corporation. He earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, and a M.B.A from Duke University. Jeff is an avid reader, lifetime learner, proud nerd, golf hacker, and passionate music fan. Jeff lives with his wife and best friend, Blake, and their children in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, where he regularly spins Springsteen on vinyl.

Lauren LaGrega, M.D.

Lauren has been a parent at Tremont School for eight years. She served as Tremont School Gala Co-chair in 2018 and as an officer of the Tremont Parent Association for three years. Lauren was the co-chair of Tremont School Committee to Re-Open during the summer of 2020, and currently serves as Tremont’s Health Consultant and chair of the COVID Taskforce.      

Lauren is a pediatrician currently working in Cambridge, MA. She has a clinical interest in working with neurodiverse and gender-diverse patients. Lauren is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a BA in Public Health and graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine, MD. She was a recipient of a National Health Service Corp Scholarship and worked for over two years in a medically underserved community in the South Bronx after completion of her pediatric residency at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Medical Center. 

Board Trustees (3 year term)

Susan Diller

Susan has over twenty years of independent school administration and leadership. She aspires to generate respectful, collegial, growth-oriented learning communities. She has served as Head of School at Touchstone Community School, and prior to Touchstone, she had the formative leadership experience of being co-director at the Atrium School. Susan has taught and worked at many types of schools – traditional, all-girls, Jewish, Quaker, and progressive.  No matter the type of school pedagogy, Susan believes that education is the key to a sustainable, democratic future.  In Susan’s spare time she enjoys acting and storytelling.

Patty James, M.B.A

Patty volunteered in a parent-directed Son-Rise play-therapy program with a young boy with autism from 2006-2008. She is the parent of two daughters who attended the Waldorf School in Lexington from kindergarten through 8th grade. While her children attended The Waldorf School Patty was involved in all aspects of school activities, including studying the Waldorf philosophy of education and how the curriculum supported children’s developmental stages socially and emotionally. She also volunteered part-time in the business office. In 1982, Patty received an MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management, and held positions of Paralegal in a large Boston law firm and Executive Assistant to the President of a small consulting firm in the Boston area.

Will Wilcoxson

Will is a Senior Advisor to Osage Advisors, a boutique sell-side investment bank that works with family-owned and closely-held businesses and also consults through his own company, Hoylake Advisors. He specializes in working with behavioral health and technology-enabled business services companies. His son Britt is a high school student at Tremont and has aspirations to someday have his own textile company.

Will earned a BA in Economics with honors from St. Lawrence University and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He is also a graduate of General Electric’s Financial Management Program. Will lives in Concord with wife Kirstin and kids Britt and Emma. During their free time, the Wilcoxsons enjoy gardening, hiking and cooking. They have two dogs, “Jilly” a White West Highland Terrier, and Maisie, their goofy golden retriever. Maisie occasionally joins in on Will’s Zoom calls but still needs help turning on the sound and camera.

Board Trustees (2 year term)

Christine Dunn-Benson (TPAC Trustee)

Christine is an artist and parent of Cavan, a Tremont HS senior, who has been a student at Tremont for the past three years. She appreciates that Tremont provides a safe learning environment with people who truly appreciate Cavan’s strengths and potential. Christine serves as TPAC Advisor for the Tremont Parent Association, and is grateful to now serve on the Board and give back to the community that has given so generously to her family. Christine lives in Westford with husband Scott, kids Cavan and Mattie Ellis and dogs, Junie B. and Luna.

Julia Lev-Rosenfeld (TPAC Trustee)

Julia is a psychotherapist in private practice and parent of Miles, a Tremont middle schooler. She serves as TPAC Middle School Co-Chair for the Tremont Parent Association, and believes that having TPAC representatives on the Board is a great way to help Tremont School with collaboration, unity, and accomplishing goals important to everyone. Julia lives in Brookline with her husband Len and children.

Ex-Officio Trustees (see bios here)

Behzad Dayanim, Executive Director Tremont School/Collaborative Learning Project, Inc.

Tori Campbell, Faculty and Staff Trustee

Sara Catanese, Faculty and Staff Trustee