June 27, 2018

Tremont School Post-Graduate Year

Not quite ready for college?

Are you looking for another academic option?

A post-graduate year can serve several purposes and the reasons someone makes that decision will vary.

Some students will consider doing an extra year of high school in order to give them more time to better prepare for college.

Some students will know early on, late in their junior year or early in their senior year, that they will not yet pursue the college admission process, and would first prefer to take advantage of a post-grad year.

Other students will know that they will pursue the college admission process and simultaneously decide to stay for a post-grad year and defer admission.

A student may even go through the college admission process, not be happy with the results, and decide to pursue a post-grad year to strengthen their candidacy the following year. The extra time that a post-grad year provides can allow a student to further grow socially and emotionally, as well as academically. All valid reasons for considering and pursuing a post-graduate year.

A TREMONT SCHOOL POST-GRADUATE YEAR is an option for students who will have already been a part of a senior graduating class at Tremont School or another school, and have earned their diploma. It allows for a “filling out” of their transcript, while also allowing for some advanced course work, ultimately helping a student to be a stronger college candidate.

A TREMONT SCHOOL POST-GRADUATE YEAR is highly individualized, offering a combination of regular Tremont School High School courses and additional advanced courses on and off campus. It may also include an internship. Students coming from another institution may simply join the current Tremont School senior class and engage in their courses and daily school life. All of this is considered in the application process to the (TSPG) Tremont School post-graduate program.

If interested, please contact Ben Niles at, ben@tremontschool.org