June 27, 2018

Post-Graduate Program

Thinking about a PG Year?

Many seniors are seeking alternative options for their post high school plans that provide an academic growth experience that will support success prior to enrolling in a traditional campus experience. 

A post-graduate year can serve several purposes, and the reasons someone opts for that year will vary.

You might consider a post-graduate program to give you more time to better prepare for college. This is likely some combination of academic, social, and emotional preparation – areas in which Tremont excels.

You may not have yet received admission to the type of college or university you hoped to attend.  Tremont School’s graduates have an outstanding track record of admission, and our post-graduate program can provide you the time to explore additional admission options.

For all those reasons, Tremont’s Post-Graduate program is open to up to 10 qualified students. This is an option for students who will have already been a part of a senior graduating class and have earned their HS diploma. It allows for a “filling out” of your transcript and potentially for advanced coursework, ultimately helping you be a stronger college candidate and student.

A TREMONT SCHOOL POST-GRADUATE YEAR is highly individualized, offering a combination of regular Tremont High School courses and additional advanced courses on and off campus. It may also include an internship.

If interested, please contact Sarah Bettencourt, our Director of Enrollment Management, at (781) 235-4805 or admissions@tremontschool.org.