April 22, 2019



The Tremont School was started in 2011 by four families, each of which dared to ask,

“Why can’t the children in our family, those who are neuro-typical and those who are atypical and differently-abled, attend school together, in a place where a diverse group of learners can thrive?”

They set out to start a school that recognized neurodiversity, different modes and rates of learning, and supported students in learning together in a collaborative and caring community. The school derives its name from the three mountain peaks of learning—emotional, social, and academic. Current research on learning underscores what the founders set in motion—that learning necessarily involves the heart, mind, and one’s community.

Today, the Tremont School is a vibrant and deliberately diverse community that challenges learners to take ownership of their learning. Real-world, interdisciplinary contexts and joyful exploration builds on students’ natural curiosity, personal interests and individual potential. A guiding principle is that it is human to have both strengths and challenges so education needs to attend to both for each learner. Further, everyone does what they are able to at a given time and the role of the school is to support their development. Our “Living Curriculum Approach” gives students an active and central role in their learning. We are documenting and sharing this approach with other schools locally and across the world.

Tremont is a caring and supportive community. Many students, teachers, and parents experience the culture of Tremont as a welcome change, even a relief, from competitive and stratified school cultures. Our focus on individualization, active listening, proactive problem-solving, and collaboration among all constituencies has resulted in a highly engaged, resilient community that comes together to support the emotional, social, and academic growth of all students and to celebrate the triumphs of each individual.

In 2018, Tremont School became one of the youngest schools ever to receive accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the same association that accredits prestigious local private schools and colleges such as Harvard and Yale. The NEASC Visiting Committee commented that Tremont filled a very important gap in the educational terrain.

Beyond Tremont
Tremont School graduates critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and compassionate and dynamic citizens. The first two students graduated in 2018. One is attending Massachusetts College of Art and the other is studying engineering at Tufts. Tremont School graduated seven students in 2019. Some of these students are college-bound while others will pursue technical school, a post-graduate year, or career options.

Our Home
Tremont is currently building out new space at 575 Virginia Road in Concord, MA in the Middlesex Green office park.  With room for expension, this will be our home for the foreseeable future. Please come and visit to discover personalized learning where students can thrive!